Exclusive Case Study (For A Limited Time): How Mario Went

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Your speaker, Maria

Chief career rebel at career rebels

Maria is a former Head of Client Leadership for Deloitte Japan turned Career Strategist and Coach.

She teaches high potential professionals how to get exceptional job offers, change careers and negotiate a higher salary.

Her system has been successfully used by professionals across the world to land the most competitive jobs. Prior to this, Maria has spent over a decade working in business development in Big 4 accounting and consulting firms.

this is a no-fluff webinar to

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The 6 Step Process I Showed Mario...

... To Create A Signature Resume That Allowed Him To Avoid Mistakes That Most Job Seekers Make And Ensure He Became Irresistible To Hiring Managers (This Will Change How You Apply For Jobs Forever)


The #1 Breakthrough Exercise we useD...

... To Dramatically Shortcut His Path To His Ideal Role And 10x His Job Hunting Results (And No, It Had Nothing To Do With Applying For More Jobs Or Talking To More Recruiters)


The Simple Method I Taught Mario...

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